A non-drug alternative for circulation?

Whole Body Photobiomodulation

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Could PBMt help enhance circulatory health? 

Try Photobiomodulation! 

Is it time to consider Photobiomodulation as a drug?

PBMt researcher Tina Karu makes multiple cases for how PBMt seems to augment several diagnoses including heart conditions, Parkinson's disease and many more [1]. This abstract was written in 2013. Since 2013 over a 1000 new studies have been published. 

[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3643261/ 

At Arrcled we are asking 3 questions based on both published research and experience in practice. 

We are inviting 20 people who might be on high blood pressure medications to help us test the benefits of full body photobiomodulation over a 90 day period. Substantial savings on a 90 day test package are offered for participants.  

* Could PBMt augment current pharmaceutical approaches to hypertension and high blood pressure? 

* Could PBMt help keep the body healthier under medications?

* Could PBMt through its mechanisms that relax arterial walls and increase angiogenesis (build new arteries) and thus create a root cause effect on high blood ressure? 

Anna Pesce (Anna Pesce Salon): The ARRC saved my life. I have cut my blood pressure medications in half and am off diabetes meds completely.  

Kellie Brown in South Carolina has suggested that in general her clients were able to reduce their reliance on blood pressure and blood sugar medications by 50% across the board by using the ARRC PBMt chamber. 

Photobiomodulation as been shown to relax arterial walls and thus reduce blood pressure (short term).

Photobiomdulation builds new arteries which may have a long term systemic effect on blood pressure. 

Photobiomodulation has been shown in research to have a protective effect on nerve and muscle cells, including cardiac muscle cells.

Would you be interested in testing our new PBMt chamber? 

Photobiomodulation describes how different wavelengths of light at different intensities and pulse rates can affect or modulate the body's biological function. Our new ATP system is the same system used in the NFL, MMA, Premier Soccer and every branch of the military. Considered the most powerful machine available without being overpowered, ATP has helped patients reduce pain in as little as 5 minutes (though we recommend 3 - 5 sessions). 

Over 4000 clinical trials have shown that PBMt:  

  •  Reduces inflammation, the root cause of most diseases facing man today  
  •  Improves circulation and reduces blood pressure  
  •  Detoxifies the body of waste and free radicals  
  •  Slows, halts or can even reverse mitochondrial dysfunction  

The ARRC LED ATP system is a Class II exempt medical device which is FDA Approved for minor aches and pains: 

Let Light help reduce your Pain
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We’ve made what was once available only to elite athletes or in exclusive rehab centers, accessible to everyday people who want to look, feel and perform better. 

ARRC LED ATP PBMt is considered the most advanced whole body photobiomodulation chamber on the planet. ATP is now used by every branch of the military to help our soldiers recover from injury and improve their levels of readiness. It is used by NFL, MMA, Premier Soccer franchises and some of the most cutting edge training facilities in the world. Even a few world leaders are using the ARRC's ATP system.

You just get Better!

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Read what Harvard researchers conclude on PBMt:  

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2790317/ 2.8. Downstream cellular response There have been a large number of both animal model and clinical studies that demonstrated highly beneficial LLLT effects on a variety of diseases, injuries, and has been widely used in both chronic and acute conditions (see Figure 7). LLLT may enhance neovascularisation, promote angiogenesis and increase collagen synthesis to promote healing of acute (Hopkins et al. 2004) and chronic wounds (Yu et al. 1997). LLLT provided acceleration of cutaneous wound healing in rats with a biphasic dose response favoring lower doses (Corazza et al. 2007). LLLT can also stimulate healing of deeper structures such as nerves (Gigo-Benato et al.2004), tendons (Fillipin et al. 2005), cartilage (Morrone et al. 2000), bones (Weberet al. 2006) and even internal organs (Shao et al. 2005). LLLT can reduce pain (Bjordal et al. 2006a), inflammation (Bjordal et al. 2006b) and swelling (Carati et al. 2003) caused by injuries, degenerative diseases or autoimmune diseases. Oron reported beneficial effect of LLLT on repair processes after injury or ischemia in skeletal and heart muscles in multiple animal models in vivo (Ad and Oron 2001; Oron et al. 2001a; Oron et al. 2001b; Yaakobi et al. 2001). LLLT has been used to mitigate damage after strokes (in both animals (Lapchak et al. 2008) and humans (Lampl et al. 2007)), after traumatic brain injury (Oron et al. 2007) and after spinal cord injury (Wu et al. 2009).  

Beneficial tissue effects of LLLT can include almost all the tissues and organs of the body.

Whole Body Photobiomodulation

Genoa Laser Therapy

1-3110 Gibbins Rd, Duncan, BC V9L 1 E8, Canada